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Well, like I mentioned earlier, I look the Comedy Girl stand-up classes hosted by Dawn Whitwell at Comedy Bar in Toronto.

But before I performed at the Comedy Girl Grad Show, I did Daniela Saioni‘s West End Girls.

West End Girls was my very first time standing in front of a room of people expecting them to laugh at what I was saying. It was a show called Virgin Suicides.


Poster cred: stolen from Daniela’s Facebook.

Doing stand up for the first time was amazing. I met some amazing comics including an awesome new friend of mine, Priscila Pequeño. Priscila is so funny my non-comedy friends got star struck when they met her.


Photo cred: “Backstage at West End Girls, Comedy Bar, Toronto” myself, from my Instagram @pies.skye

My second show was the Grad Show for Comedy Girl.


Photo cred: “Comedy Girl Grad Show Line Up” via my Instagram @pies.skye

As you can probably tell, Dawn forgot to add me to the line up. I got squeezed in at #5.

More great pictures from that night (all from my Instagram @pies.skye):


Elena Potter during sound check


The Fairy God Mother of Lady Comedians aka Dawn Whitwell


Kathy Kalpakiotis and Aurora de Peña

What I learned from taking classes is that stand-up, like anything in life, is that people who are good at something make it look easy. I’ve always loved stand-up and thought hey I could do that! So I tried and saw just how challenging it really is. Stand-up is its own unique thing and to be any good at it you need practice. Like any performer you need to respect your audience.

At this point, having a few months of perspective, I can’t tell you how much classes made a difference. It has helped with my confidence, my self efficacy, and I know it has helped me be a funnier comic. So thanks Dawn!

I’m also performing tomorrow on Dawn’s show Dawn Patrol. 8:30 pm Monday January 19 at Comedy Bar!


So come out and support live comedy!


Show Alert!

My first show of 2015 is Dawn Patrol! At 8:30 pm on Monday, January 5th at Comedy Bar! $7


Welcome to my blag

Welcome, welcome!

I have started on the adventure of a lifetime – pursuing the dream of being a stand-up comic. I’ve always loved stand-up. In a creepy, my precious, kind of way. So now I’m in a one sided relationship, where I’m the one who’s way more into comedy than it is into me. I’m going to say I love you way too soon, it’s going to be messy, fantastic, and yet, enduring, because of a shared appreciation for the Oxford comma.

How does one become a comedian, exactly? Well I’m not sure I’m quite there yet, but in my experience, once upon a time…

Like all great romances, it started with a guy on an online dating site. We never met, but he told me about classes offered at Comedy Bar in Toronto, hosted by the fairy god mother of women in comedy in TO, Dawn Whitwell. I took Dawn’s Comedy Girl classes and it was amazing. From there I did my first show, Daniela Saioni’s West End Girls, and then the Comedy Girls grad show. 

Click this link to watch a mini – doc on Dawn Whitwell and Comedy Girl, and also to hear me say more nice things about Dawn.


photo cred: “Cabaret Room, Comedy Bar Toronto” by myself! Instagram @pies.skye

And as they say, it was love at first mic.

Thanks for reading!